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Which Gates Can be Automated?

Most gates can be automated, as long as both the gate and its post/pillar are strong. The gate must swing freely and must not catch on the ground.

The main point to remember is that gate automation equipment fixes to just one part of the gate which then takes the entire opening/closing load, sometimes in high winds. The key to reliability is to ensure that the gate is suitably strengthened for automation. In the last 11 years Anglian Autogates successfully automated something over 500 gates, ranging from brand new to over 100 years old. We aim to over-engineer, so that the gate and automation work reliably in all seasons.

How Does Gate Automation Work?

Automatic gates are either swinging (or hinged) gates, or else they “slide” usually on a rail (also known as a track). Probably 95% of all automatic gates are “swing” gates. Sliding gates are used in awkward drive entrances, or where parking space is at a premium.


There are 3 main types of swing gate ‘operator’:¬†

  • The RAM¬†

A ram unit fits behind the gate, usually near the middle but can be at the top/bottom, and pushes or pulls the gate open & closed.


  • The Underground¬†

The underground unit is set into the roadway and is near-invisible. Almost always, it forms the bottom hinge of the gate and the hidden motor turns to open or close the gate.


  • The Articulated Arm

This is designed especially for gates hanging on large brick piers, where an underground unit is not appropriate. It is also exceptionally good for large barn doors!


How Does the Gate Automation System Operate?

Most customers opt for a remote control handset, generally kept in the car. Operating the handset opens the automatic gates. Some systems require a second press of the handset to close the gates but others will be configured so that the gates close automatically – generally where the gates are keeping children or animals secure.

There are many other ways to operate an automatic gates, ranging from a simple push button through to ‘digipads’, swipe cards, roadway vehicle sensors and intercoms.

Every Anglian Autogates system is designed specifically around the customers needs.